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Carriage mounted coil booms are heavy-duty attachments designed for handling carpet coil, steel coil, paper coil, etc. Available types: single-pole and double-pole which mainly used for chemical materials.


model[email protected] Load
Center([email protected])
A (mm)
L (mm)
ET (mm)
Ağırlık merkezi
CGH (mm)
PSM100T[email protected]Pin Shaft700150075450750
PSM250T[email protected]Pin Shaft115016001643982320


1. Please get the actual comprehensive carrying capacity of forklifts and their attachments from the factory;

2. Customized solution or design is available, please contact our sales representative.

Hızlı Ayrıntılar

Menşe Yeri: Çin (Anakara)
Marka Adı: HUAMAI
Model Number: PSM100T
Product Name: CM standard fork truck carpet boom carpet pole
Type: PSM250T
Mounting Class: Pin Shaft
Bottom Width A(mm): 1150mm
Loopbar Length L(mm): 1500mm
Effective Thickness ET(mm): 75
Weight (Kg): 750kg
Horizontal Center of Gravity CGH(mm): 450mm

Vestil Forklift Coil Rams

Vestil Forklift Coil Rams Easily Maneuver Many Types of Coiled Materials.

Vestil Forklift Coil Rams attachments allow your forklift to handle Coils of steel and similar materials. Choice of 4-½" or 5-9/16" diameter poles to accommodate multiple core sizes. Heavy-duty welded steel construction with a durable enamel finish ensures years of service.

Carriage Mounted Coil Rams are for Class II rated trucks and feature a spring-loaded lock pin to secure it to the forklift.

Fork Mounted Coil Rams have an inverted design where the ram pole hangs under the forks. Rams feature 7-½"W x 2-½"H fork pockets on 24" centers and a safety restraint to secure it to the forklift.